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Sunday sketch #126

A few of my recent Sunday sketches (see #122, #123… and even #124) have traced a thin line from one side of the page to the opposite side. Finally, I pulled out my dot pad and gel pen, and tried hand-sketching some related designs.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #126-1

I think right-angled triangles – in other words, half-square triangles – are my favourite shape. I like all the movement in the above design, but I also wanted to see how these shapes would look in formation, all facing the same direction.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #126-2

I like it! Big arrows pointing down, or double-headed HSTs facing up.

I might try recreating these designs in EQ8 so I can add some colour. I think there could be some interesting opportunities for transparency, too.

These designs could be translated into quilt patterns using HSTs, squares and rectangles.

Sunday sketch #125

This design started out in different colours, but it felt a bit busy, so I replaced one of the colours with white. Adding some negative space really opens up the design and makes it all a bit calmer.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #125

I really love this colour palette, although sometimes I think that rich yellow would work with anything!

It’s all squares and rectangles, so a quilt based on this design would come together really quickly.


Sunday sketch #123

Sunday sketch #122 followed a single line from one edge of the design to the other. I’ve created quite a few new designs using the same concept. The only difference is that instead of making the line a black stripe, I’m using it like a border separating two colours. Just like the original inspiration by Jo Delahaus, this week’s design combines straight lines and curves.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #123

I love two-colour designs, but I can never decide on the best two colours!

This design could be translated into a quilt pattern quite easily using rectangles, squares and a few drunkard’s path blocks.