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Sunday sketch #162

I haven’t had much time to sketch lately, so I’ve been looking back at older designs that I never posted. Maybe I had other sketches that I liked more at the time, or I moved off in different directions and some designs didn’t seem so relevant anymore. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like them, and didn’t plan to share them one day!

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #162

This one would be really easy to make into a quilt: it’s all just squares and rectangles. The blocks could be pieced using a courthouse-steps approach, with the dark square corners pieced into a longer strip beforehand. An easy block-based quilt with a bit of sashing.


Sunday sketch #161

A quick and simple curvy design.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #161

You could colour this in different ways to make it look quite different. The blues make it feel quite water-y to me, a bit oceanic.

This would be easy to make into an actual quilt: it’s just drunkard’s path blocks and rectangles. Grouped into threes to make a block, then repeated in a 4 x 4 layout.

Sunday sketch #154

I’m a sucker for a good star quilt. I’ve even collected a bunch of my favourites in a Pinterest board.

So I made my own star-in-a-star design. Twice the twinkle! 😉


Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #154

I separated the centre 4 half-square triangles and the triangle-in-a-square blocks to create a kind of halo in the middle of the block. The half-square triangles in the corners end up framing the halo nicely. I couldn’t decide if I liked the more saturated colours in the middle or on the outside, so I just alternated them instead.

The design can look just as cute in two colours…

It's so simple that I wouldn't be surprised to see other similar designs out there.

This design is so simple that I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other similar ones out there. To make this design into a quilt, you’d just need just some half-square triangles, squares, rectangles, and triangle-in-a-square blocks. Super simple!