All the designs that appear on this blog and on my Instagram feed are my own copyright.  Please don’t reproduce any of my designs without permission.

You are welcome to make quilts based on my designs for your own personal use, but please email me first – I may be in the process of designing a pattern myself, preparing to publish/sell it, or even licensing the design to someone else. Otherwise, I’d be thrilled to see your work! Please credit me as the inspiration behind your creation – it’s the right thing to do, and it’ll make it easier for me to share your work (with your permission)!

If you are interested in developing a quilt pattern based on one of my designs, please contact me to discuss licensing arrangements. With at least one sketch a week, I don’t have time to translate every single design into an actual quilt pattern – but I’d love to work with you to produce something that will benefit us both!

Email me at: caroline [dot] hadley [at] gmail [dot] com