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Sunday sketch #89

Another nine-patch with a twist this week. Well, two twists. One of the nine-patches has half-square triangle corners (like Sunday sketch #88), while the other one isn’t really a traditional nine-patch. I mean, it has nine patches, but… four of them are made from quarter-square triangles.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #89

Alternating the two blocks creates squares that seem to float above the design, and diagonal strips that join the stars. Lots of unintentional movement!

Creating this design was a natural progression from the nine-patches I’ve been playing around with for the past few weeks, but the elements are so traditional, so well used, that I find it hard to believe someone hasn’t put these two blocks together before now. I checked my Pinterest boards and couldn’t find anything… but if you know of something similar out there, please let me know and I’ll update the blog accordingly.



Sunday sketch #88

Last week I started playing around with nine-patches, and this week’s design is an extension of that theme.


The corner squares of each nine-patch are half-square triangles, which means you can squeeze adjacent nine-patches right up against each other. Just using two colours against a background colour (white, in this case) almost brings those crosses to the foreground!

This is a super-simple design that uses only squares, half-square triangles and a few rectangles for sashing. It’s block-based, so would be really quick and easy to make.

(ps. Can you tell that I bought Electric Quilt 8? I’m slowly getting to grips with it. I don’t find it very intuitive, so I haven’t made huge progress yet. Having said that, every time I sit down to practice with it, I seem to create at least one design that I’m happy with!)

Sunday sketch #87

Back to basics this week, with a very simple nine-patch on repeat.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #87

Playing with the squares in the nine-patch creates some interesting shapes. I’ve used half-square triangles to get that overlaid grid effect, but you could even use quarter-square triangles in the centre, and half-square triangles for the other squares, so create a tighter grid pattern overall.