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Sunday sketch #361

This week’s block is very similar to last week’s, but the foreground/background drips are a little further apart, and the two drips (in both directions) are the same length. I’ve also added some curved corners to the blocks, which help to create little stars at the corners of four adjacent blocks.

Isn’t this a cute palette, too? Here’s the design showing two full pink squiggles and rotated to show them running horizontally.

I prefer the first orientation, I think. Even though I’m calling it ‘drippy’, and drips tend to run vertically… it feels more fun in the first layout where the drips go horizontally.

Like last week’s block, this week’s design is all about curves (half-circles, or drunkard’s path), squares and rectangles. I think it’d be a fun one to make!

Sunday sketch #360

I’ve been playing with curves lately, so expect more curvy designs in the coming weeks. This week’s sketch is a trippy drippy design based on a repeating block.

I tried this design in a few different colourways, and found that the best palette comprised different shades of the same colour. I also found that it worked best with the darker colour up top, with the gradation lightening as you descend the page.

The designs I’ve shown here use a 4 × 4 layout with top and bottom borders. The blocks are made using half-circles (or 2 × drunkard’s path units), squares and rectangles. If you wanted to recreate this design, you wouldn’t necessarily have to use a single repeated block; you could mix up the lengths of the drips and make it a bit less repetitive.


Sunday sketch #358

This week’s sketch is one of those rare designs that I’m not entirely sure how to construct. But it’s still cute enough to share!

I’ve treated the alternating crosses like two different layers overlapping each other, and coloured them accordingly. That presents lots of opportunities for different palettes.

All the crosses could be coloured the same, of course. And the circles don’t necessarily need to be completely filled.

But filling the circles makes them more prominent, changing the overall feel of the design.

This week’s sketch is made up of circles (comprising 8 sectors of equal size) and squares. I really don’t know how I’d make this one. How would you join the sectors to the adjacent cross pieces? I guess you’d have to use templates and probably partial seams? It might be easier for hand-piecers rather than for machine-piecers? Part of me wants to try it just to see if it’s possible (which I’m sure it is), but the other part of me knows I have many more (easier) sketches to make first 🙂