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Sunday sketch #68

Once I hit on a design I like, I like to modify various elements to see what else I can come up with. Following on from Sunday sketch #67, I kept the black bars static but mixed up the red bars:

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #68

Like the previous sketch, none of the red bars touch each other; they just float amidst the regimented black bars. Chaos and order in harmony!

All you’d need to make this design into a quilt pattern would be squares and rectangles.


Sunday sketch #67

On a recent work trip to Tokyo, I popped into the Shibuya branch of Tokyu Hands, a kind of department store with a pretty awesome stationery section. I picked up a new dot pad! I thought nothing could beat my Rhodia dot pad, but this one is spiral-bound, which means it lies flat as I sketch, and it’s got really stiff front and back covers, which means it won’t buckle as I’m sketching at weird angles. I’m in love. If it had perforated pages, my (sketching) life would be complete.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #67-1

I don’t know if it’s the new pad, or my recent attempts to introduce a bit of colour into my designs (and Instagram feed), but I’ve had a fairly productive sketching week. Working with two colours (rather than my usual black or blue) has opened up some new sketching directions….

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #67-2

Of course, I had to mix order (the black bars) with chaos (the red bars). Whereas the black bars are spaced evenly apart – two rows and two columns away from their neighbours – the red bars can appear anywhere, as long as they’re not touching another red bar. Yes, even with chaos, I need to impose a few rules 🙂

This design could easily be made into a quilt pattern using rectangles and squares.


Sunday sketch #57

I’ve mentioned before that I tend to explore a lot of regular, methodical and systematic variations on a theme before branching out into ‘improv’ or disordered versions of the same idea. It’s just how my brain works: I feel more comfortable tackling things in a structured way before exploring the unstructured. It’s almost like I need to establish the rules before I can decide how to break them.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #57

So, more windows this week, but peering into an array of angled lines of varying thickness. As with most of my ‘improv’-like sketches, I didn’t think this one through too much — just started shading from the top left, deciding what worked best in each rectangle depending on its closest neighbours. Taking it one rectangle at a time helps to keep the whole design balanced in terms of the direction of the angles, the thickness of the stripes, and the amount of shading.

All the angles are 45 degrees (there’s only so much disorder I can handle at once!), so the construction would be fairly simple (following the same general procedure as Sunday sketches #54 and #55). This design would work well with multiple fabrics, and with scraps too.