Category: Sunday sketch

Sunday sketch #47

My designs are going through a bit of a diamond phase at the moment.


I’ve never sewn with diamond shapes before – I guess they must be similar to triangles in how they need to be aligned just right when sewing in rows? I should try them and see. This design could be made with triangles instead of diamonds, but the former would introduce loads of unnecessary seams.

I love the simplicity of this design. Just three or four colours – one for the background and a few for the columns of diamonds – would make a striking quilt.

Sunday sketch #46

Most of the time I sketch using pen and paper, but sometimes I’ll move to Excel if I’ve got an idea that uses mostly squares or strips. Every so often I’ll fire up Illustrator and try to figure out how to get what’s in my head onto the screen.

This design arose from Sunday sketch #21… I clearly have some obsession with constellations, and bright spots emerging from the darkness…



I don’t use Illustrator often enough to be completely comfortable with it yet, so each foray tends to bring more stress than success. I don’t need to do that much — create some shapes, add some lines, fill in some colour — but it’s not always an intuitive or easy-to-use program. Still, I’m learning. This design is not quite there yet, but the good thing about Illustrator is that it gets easier the more I play with it.


Sunday sketch #45

I like creating a single block and tiling it to see new designs emerge. But sometimes the secondary designs aren’t quite what I’m after…

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #45

In this design, the vertices between the blocks form the centre of a left-handed tetraskelion, also called a sauwastika. Although this bent-legged cross has been a sacred religious symbol for thousands of years, the right-handed version – the swastika – is now inextricably linked to Nazism and the Holocaust. It’s not something I want to include in my designs – even inadvertently.

My sketchbooks are full of designs that don’t quite make it, for one reason or another. This is one of those times. I still like the underlying premise of this design, but I’ll continue working on it until I can create a tiled version that makes me happy.