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Sunday sketch #260

Often when I create a bunch of quilt designs from one block design, I’ll share them all in a single post. But I split up the latest batch into last week’s Sunday sketch and this week’s. The arrangement is kinda different, and I played with two different colour schemes, so… it felt worthy of a new post.

So, picking up from last week – here’s the same block in a vertical orientation, but with a more limited colour palette. Black and white shapes instead of colour, and a coloured background instead of white. I’ve still used the same arrangement where the stripes are a different colour than the background rectangle in each block. But by alternating the colours and rotating the blocks, the borders between the blocks are less obvious.

This one’s much the same, with the columns shifted one over so that the very left-hand and right-hand edges of the block arrangement are fully straight instead of stepping in and out. I think I prefer the one above.

These blocks have lots of possible arrangements, which can be expanded by adding sashing (similar to last week). Here’s the same design with and without sashing.

The addition (and then subtraction) of sashing really changes the feeling of movement within the design.

So, like last week’s design, this one’s all rectangles (some long and skinny, some larger). There are a lot of repeated elements, which means lots of chain-piecing possibilities! I think you could sew lots of long strips together and then subcut them into the pieces needed for each block. There’s also be  places where you’d need to match points fairly carefully (not everyone’s cup of tea).


Sunday sketch #259

This has to be my absolute favourite colour combination at the moment. It’s so far from any colours I have around me in real life, but I really gravitate towards this palette in quilting for some reason. The warm yellow, the hot pink, the vibrant orange… I love them together.

This design actually started here…

How 80s is that?! You can see that the colour palette is the same one I used in Sunday sketch #258 – lots of bright, happy colours. And then I added the black lines – mostly because I wanted a dark colour and couldn’t find anything else that worked. All those black lines are maybe a bit overwhelming… so I tried switching them to the same colour as the background rectangle in each block. I used a grey background to differentiate the white blocks.

This is cute, but… I felt like I could make it a bit more interesting. So I tried mixing two colours per block (in addition to the white background): one for the rectangle and one for the strips. There’s a lot going on in this design, so it helps (me) to arrange the blocks facing in the same direction. I also added sashing (with the same width as the other strips) to separate all the colours.

I decided maybe that there were too many colours, so I pared the palette back to just three: my favourite mix of yellow, pink and orange. Still using two colours per block, I went back to the original design, where each set of 4 blocks creates a pinwheel / windmill effect with the strips. The sashing still helps to introduce some white space so the overall design’s not too overwhelming.

The design above is similar, but not identical, to the first one in this post. The blocks are all in the same position, but they’ve been rotated/flipped.

And using this same limited palette, I also arranged the blocks with the lines all parallel. Here’s that design with and without sashing.

The version without sashing is a bit too crowded for me, but it did give me some ideas of where to take this design next. Check out next week’s Sunday sketch for the results!


Sunday sketch #258

It was driving me nuts trying to think of what this design reminded me of, and I finally realised: Monopoly cards. Remember them? With the coloured bar across the top and the property name? I haven’t seen one in years (decades?!), but the memory of them was obviously lodged way back in my brain.

Anyway, I’m not sure what prompted this design… just another simple one that suddenly seemed like a good idea to try in EQ8, and ended up looking good enough to post.

I love all these happy colours together. It’s my usual ‘random’ layout, which is actually semi-planned and somewhat rule-based: I try to make sure that the same colour doesn’t appear twice in the same column or row. Although it’s more a guide than a rule… I can see a few places here where I broke it!

I started this design originally with black borders, which I also like. But I think I like the coloured background better… it feels a bit more fun. The black-bordered version is definitely more Monopoly-like though!

This design could be made into a quilt using large rectangles of colour and white, along with some sashing strips in a background colour. Easy peasy.