Sunday sketches

My Sunday sketches began on 3 July 2016. Every week since then, I’ve posted a new sketch on Sunday morning around 10am AEST.

In the beginning, the sketches were usually hand-drawn, sometimes made with Excel, or occasionally created in Adobe Illustrator. I started using Electric Quilt 8 around 2018, I think.

I had two main goals with the Sunday sketch series: to give myself an excuse to sketch more, and to establish some kind of accountability to make sure I kept up this new habit. I knew if I committed to a weekly posting schedule – even if no one else was actually paying attention! – there’d be more chance I’d stick with it.

Those goals haven’t changed, although now I have a few more. I’m using the sketches as inspiration for published quilt patterns. And I’m exploring licensing opportunities, so that other quilters can write and sell patterns based on my sketches.

Best of all, other people are finding inspiration from my designs, which is absolutely awesome (check out my Instagram feed to see the amazing work people have made from my sketches).

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Making quilts from Sunday sketches

If you love one of my Sunday sketches so much that you’d like to make a quilt for your own personal use (yay!), please email me. I may be in the process of designing a pattern myself, preparing to publish/sell it, or even licensing the design to someone else. Otherwise, I’d be thrilled to see your work! Please credit me as the inspiration behind your creation – it’s the right thing to do, and it’ll make it easier for me to share your work (with your permission)!

If you’re interested in translating a Sunday sketch into a quilt pattern for commercial sale, please read the licensing page for more information.

Thanks so much for your interest in the Sunday sketches!