Sunday sketch #314

This is one of my favourite Sunday sketches in a long time. It combines two of my favourite things: a simple yet effective design, and an understated palette that I’ve used before. It feels a little retro, a little modern. I love it.

Colouring the blocks slightly differently introduces horizontal lines and makes it clearer where blocks begin and end.

And then rotating the blocks introduces new shapes and movement.

That last one’s maybe a bit too trippy, but I love the first two designs! Although I can’t decide which I prefer… I like the simplicity of the first one, until I see the second one and realise I like the added horizontal lines… but maybe less is more?! Arrghh. (This indecision is probably the main reason I don’t make more quilts!)

These designs could be made into quilts using quarter- or half-circles (or drunkard’s path units), half-square triangles and rectangles. I love the limited palette of just three colours, but perhaps the design is simple enough that it could work with a broader palette?

Sunday sketch #313

We’re having a chilly winter in Melbourne this year, so I’m already dreaming of spring! This week’s sketch is also a good excuse to use my happy palette of warm yellows, pinks and oranges.

These cute flower blocks are offset by a half-block in each row, which elongates each flower ‘stem’ by extending it into the space between the two blocks beneath.

In the first version, I’ve used the same colouring for all the upper and lower ‘leaves’ in the blocks, with different colours for the flowers. But of course, the leaves can have a mix of colours too.

That’s a bit busy for my liking; here’s a version with all the blocks coloured in the same way. I’m not sure if it’s the limited palette or the darker greens that really help to highlight the repetition in those skinny curves and vertical lines.

Then I tweaked the design of the flowers themselves – this next design’s a bit more like a tulip, I think. This variation also creates a lovely diagonal movement from top left to bottom right, thanks to those new teardrop-shaped red ‘petals’.

This week’s sketch would be tricky, but not impossible, to translate into an actual quilt. It would take a combination of half-square triangles, drunkard’s path blocks, and skinny curved inset strips.

Sunday sketch #312

This week’s design is the logical progression from last week’s: the same zig-zagging motif, but without the curves.

It works in the other orientation too.

That second version’s quite busy; I think perhaps a 4 x 6 layout of blocks (rather than the 6 x 8 layout I’ve used here) would be better – that would allow the zig-zaggy design to have impact without being overwhelming. The wide borders help to rest the eye, too.

This design would be easiest to make into a quilt using paper piecing. The internal shapes are not quite half-rectangle triangles, although the block could probably be tweaked to make them proper HRTs, which would then allow you to use standard piecing. Otherwise, each block would require two identical (triangle-shaped) templates. As there are only two colours per block, it would be pretty straightforward to make. It’s a bit reminiscent of Northern Lights, which was based on Sunday sketch #124, though that one was a bit more complicated.