Sunday sketch #251

I made so many versions of this week’s Sunday sketch that I don’t know which one to start with…! Usually I pick the one that feels the most ‘finished’ or that pleases me more than the others (for whatever reason). But this week I like a lot of them for different reasons.

I’ve been playing a bit with curves lately, and with block-based designs. Even though this looks like it’s two different blocks, it’s really just one block with a slight variation. Oh, and I’ve been making a bunch of designs lately with squarish curves like this (squircles?) โ€“ I love them! I’m surprised there aren’t more quilt patterns with these shapes. Maybe I need to remedy that….?

Anyway, let’s start with the three-colour version (black, white and that light khaki/mushroom-y colour). Here are a few of the possible permutations with those colours. (I kinda wish I hadn’t put a border on the second pic, but I’m too lazy to redo it without.)

This is a relatively uncomplicated design, and it looks great in just two colours too.

Ooh I think that second red/mushroomy one might be my favourite. Back to three colours… I like how the diagonal lines (of squares on point) can be more or less obvious depending on the colour choice and placement.

And now with four colours… Again, those diagonal lines seem prominent in this one.

I said before that the blocks were much the same, with one a slight variation (basically every second block is missing the curves). Here are a few versions with all the blocks the same. I added sashing because I didn’t like how crowded the design looked with all the curves bunched together.

It’s funny how the sashing kinda interrupts the flow of those diagonal lines and makes them kinda kinky. I notice that more in the version above than the one below.

And a few more versions in a calmer palette. The movement in the design, and the way the eye travels over the design, is quite different depending on the colour placement (for me, at least!).

And finally, one more tweak to the design. Instead of each block having a square on point in the centre, I coloured the design so it looks like there are notches โ€“ or, that the middle motif is more of a cross. I like this idea more in theory than in practice โ€“ I feel like it’s just a bit too busy now. Having said that, I do like the second version, because (again) those diagonals pop out nicely.

These designs are all based on a single block, which is made up of basic quilty units/shapes. I’m not sure how the design would work with prints, but I think there are loads of colour combinations worth trying in solids โ€“ whether it’s two colours, three or four (or more!).

Sunday sketch #250

Congrats to me for making it to 250! And thank you to you for following along ๐Ÿ™‚

Alternating blocks this week: a drunkard’s path and a bunch of half-square triangles.

Rotating the drunkard’s path blocks by 180 degrees gives the impression of moving the circles one block vertically and horizontally. This also gives the impression of a reverse colourway, although the designs are both black circles on white backgrounds. But the previous version had a dark border, whereas this one has a light border.

Alternating the direction of the drunkard’s path blocks introduces new curvy shapes, while leaving the HSTs in the same position.

And, of course, the addition of another colour can help to create new shapes and movement too.

I also tried replacing the HST block with another square block design, just to see how it would look. The ‘waves’ created by the linked drunkard’s path blocks are still there, but now there are diagonal strings of stars instead of those HST blocks. This is giving me big Star Spangled Banner vibes!

These designs are all made with an alternating arrangement of square blocks: either a drunkard’s path block or a block of 9 HSTs (or a small sawtooth star block). The HSTs block can look somewhat traditional rather than modern, but the right combination of colour and contrast will bring it into the 21st century.

Sunday sketch #249

Here’s another design that ended up looking quite different from where it started.

This design started out much more ‘flat’, with very little depth. Although I still like the original versions! The shapes remind me of Nutri-Grain cereal ๐Ÿ™‚

The design is kinda woven, with the white shapes connected by perpendicular rows of three white squares, and the coloured shapes connected by perpendicular rows of three coloured squares. If I colour just the middle connecting squares, it might be easier to see what I mean.

See how they’re connected along the diagonals?

From there, I moved to colouring each element a little differently. This adds a lot more movement and depth to the design. It’s still diagonal strings of shapes connected to one another, but now the shapes are a little more complicated. The following two variations show a zoomed-in, cropped part of the design, without the border, but it’s still the same underlying design.

And in another colourway…

I even took it a step further, colouring in some of the squares, leaving just the middle one in the row of three. This ends up creating those larger squares, which alternate with the smaller ones.

In all these variations, there are some nice four-pointed stars peeking out of the middle โ€“ can you see them? The stars in each row of these secondary shapes alternate direction.

This design is just squares and half-square triangles โ€“ that’s it! So it would be very easy to make into a quilt.