Sunday sketch #95

Back to hand-drawn sketches! This the first week in a looooong time when I’ve posted an actual pen-and-paper sketch rather than something I created on the computer. After a fairly long hiatus, I finally forced myself back to the sketch pad this week.

I started with a fairly rough sketch I’d made of a star block awhile ago. I decided I was happy with it as-is, but repeated it to see what came up. Don’t these look like poinsettias?

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #95

From this sketch, I continued to iterate the design, and I’ll post some of the resulting sketches over the next week or so. That process of accidental discovery is something that’s been missing from my software-enabled sketching, which I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Each method definitely has its advantages, but (in my experience, at least) hand-drawn sketching leads to far more creative output.

Still, EQ8 can be useful for colouring in blocks (although still kinda clunky in certain ways):

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #95-2    Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #95-3

This design could be made using a combination of squares, rectangles, flying geese or half-square triangles, kite in a square, and triangle in a square.

Quilt pattern: Raspberry Crush

I got two lovely surprises today – not only is my latest quilt pattern in the current issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting, but it’s also on the cover!

Love Patchwork & Quilting, issue 60: 'Heartbreaker' by Caroline Hadley (Geometriquilt)

I wasn’t expecting to see Raspberry Crush until issue 61, but schedules get updated, things get shuffled around, and I get to see my quilt all styled and pretty a month early. Yay!

LPQ60: 'Heartbreaker' by Caroline Hadley / Geometriquilt

I also wasn’t expecting the name, as I’d submitted the quilt under the title of ‘Heartbreaker’! This quilt was based on a hand-drawn sketch, but for some reason (which escapes me now), I never posted it online as a Sunday sketch. I tried using PowerPoint and even Excel to mock up a coloured version, but it wasn’t until I bought EQ8 that I managed to do it justice.

Geometriquilt: 'Heartbreaker' sketch 'Heartbreaker' by Caroline Hadley / Geometriquilt

Can you see why I called this pattern ‘Heartbreaker’? Tilt your head to the right a bit, and you can see that each group of 3 half-square triangles makes a heart shape.

I made the quilt using all Kona cotton solids on the front, and ‘XOXO’ from Margaret Berg’s ‘Love’ collection (another Robert Kaufman fabric) on the back. It’s all HSTs, so my BlocLoc HST rulers came in very handy!

If you want to check out my Raspberry Crush quilt pattern, Issue 60 of Love Patchwork & Quilting is on sale now.


Sunday sketch #94

In preparation for publishing my own patterns in the next few months, I’ve been working with a graphic designer on a new logo. I don’t have access to Adobe Illustrator anymore (I couldn’t justify the cost), so I played around with some ideas for the designer in PowerPoint (yes, PowerPoint!).

Sometimes the best part of playing is the messing around you can do afterwards….

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #94

It’s hard to tell what this started out as (you might see the similarity when I unveil my swanky new logo soon!), but I like where it ended up. With a bit of tweaking, it could probably be made into a quilt pattern using half-rectangle triangles, half-square triangles and some strips.