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Sunday sketch #155

Recently I created a bunch of related designs that I figured I’d just post together, since they’re so similar. They’re all based on triangles – mostly half-square triangles, but also some flying geese and some elongated diamond shapes (rhombi!).

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #155-1Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #155-2

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #155-3Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #155-4

I wanted to recreate the feel of my Heartbreaker quilt pattern – those long diagonal lines created by adjacent half-square triangles – and ended up sketching one design after another on my Rhodia dot pad. There really are no limits to how you can use those shapes in that way.

I love the energy and movement in these designs, and the way they evoke electricity pylons, or maybe cranes, or building scaffolding.

I plan to keep sketching more along this theme. I’d love to try making one of these designs into an actual quilt. I’d prefer to use piecing, although I think you could also make these designs using appliquéd bias strips (if you had a very steady hand or a long straight edge!).


Sunday sketch #153

When I get a particular design idea in my head, I almost always create a repetitive, consistent version first before branching out with more improv variations. It’s like I need to follow the rules before breaking them. This week’s design is no exception: after using the same V-shaped series of lines in Sunday sketches #147 and #152, I tried a more random approach.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #153

Like last week’s design, this one would require a bit of skill either piecing very skinny strips or appliquéing strips nice and straight (neither of which I’d be very good at!).

I could continue this design theme by extending the lines in either direction, angling them again to create another arrow, moving the arrows closer together or further apart, or staggering the beginning/ends of the lines, so they don’t all have the same length. Lots of possibilities!

Sunday sketch #152

In Sunday sketch #147, I came up with the idea of a bunch of lines converging to create an arrow shape. I didn’t explore it further at the time, because I veered off into other design territory instead. But since then, I’ve revisited that idea in a number of other designs. Here’s one.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #152

When I drew this design, I felt like it might have been similar to one I’d done before… but then realised that I was thinking of Sunday sketch #74 – which also has thin strips coming from four directions to meet in the middle, but is otherwise fairly different.

If I were to tweak this design further (and I still might…), I’d remove that empty space in the middle, where the arrows meet.

This kind of design might suit bias tape appliqué, or just piecing lots of skinny strips. I know that my sewing skills aren’t up to either of those approaches just yet, but perhaps one day!