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Sunday sketch #305

After three weeks of curves, it’s back to angles and straight lines for this Sunday’s sketch.

Using only the blocks with coloured outlines could make the design feel a bit cluttered, but the consistency of the white centres helps to relieve the busy-ness (a bit).

And, of course, the blocks can be rotated to create star shapes behind that lattice of horizontal and vertical borders.

Paring back the palette helps to focus the eye on the different angles at play – horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines criss-crossing the design.

And to take the design in another direction entirely, I coloured adjacent blocks in a similar way, to create stacked bricks with different internal motifs.

I prefer the first few (brightly coloured) versions, but I like sharing the others in case it sparks a fellow quilter’s creativity!

These designs can be made using half-rectangle triangles, 2:1 rectangles, and longer rectangles or strips for the block’s borders. A very straightforward design that could be made easily into an actual quilt!



Sunday sketch #270

More skinny strips this week, but straight this time.

Believe it or not, this design is made from a single block in a 4×4 layout. And each block is a 4×4 arrangement of squares that are separated by thin sashing. Depending on how the background and sashing are coloured (or not), different parts come to the foreground or move to the background. Here’s the reverse colourway.

I actually started with black sashing and two colours. I worked through the shapes, colouring as I went, making sure that adjacent shapes never had the same colour. In some places I had to move the sashing or change the shapes to get the desired effect. (Oops, I can see one spot where two white shapes are touching sides.)

The black lines are a bit Mondrian-ish, of course, which is why I changed them up a bit.

This design could be made into a quilt using normal piecing of squares, rectangles and thin strips. And the layout possibilities are endless!

Sunday sketch #261

You can probably see how this design evolved from Sunday sketches #259 and #260 – a simple shape with strips sticking out. In this case, the shape is a teardrop-like combo of a half-square triangle and a quarter-circle, and the strips that extend from it create its mirror image.

And, like some of the designs from the past 2 weeks, it’s got sashing. I’ve used the same width of sashing as the width of the other strips. It’s a nice way of separating those background colours and keeping the whole design from feeling too crowded. And it’s narrow enough to let those diagonal lines – from one half-square triangle to the adjacent one – extend across the quilt design without interruption.