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Sunday sketch #194

I haven’t used Excel in ages, but I wanted to play around with straight lines, and I knew it would be quicker and easier than figuring it out in Electric Quilt 8.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #194

This seemed like the perfect design for a little subtraction – letting the design cross the page, but taking out a few bits and pieces here and there, so it’s not completely symmetrical. Almost like it started out complete and has been worn away in places over time.

One of the disadvantages of Excel is that I can’t easily play around with colour. I think I’d have to select all the cells of each colour to change them. Which definitely falls into the ‘too hard’ basket, hence only one colourway today 🙂




Sunday sketch #193

I played around with an idea of picture frames recently – simple strips to outline squares. And then coloured it in a ridiculously bright palette, because that makes me happy.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #193-1

I like the idea of a pattern that has large shapes like this, so you can use feature fabrics without having to cut them up too much. I have a bunch of Erin Michaels’ paint-by-number fabrics stored away that I don’t want to cut into, because I love them so much. (So much!! I have a secret love of paint by numbers. I even have a Pinterest board!) Anyway, one of these days I need to design a pattern where I can use them. It’ll need to be a pattern where I don’t actually have to cut up any fabric hahaha.

I tried a few more sedate colourways for this design, including a blue and yellow one that felt distinctly Swedish.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #193-2    Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #193-3

I realised that it reminded me of IKEA colours… and then the shapes reminded me of IKEA flatpack furniture 🙂

I played around with this concept a bit more, and tried different blocks and arrangements, but nothing jumped out at me as being amazing. Sometimes simpler is better. At least for now.


Sunday sketch #177

More curves this week. Does this leaf motif have a name? It’s a fairly common/popular shape, but I’ve tried to introduce some minor variations to keep it interesting.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #177-1

The design started off a little simpler, using leaf shapes separated by sashing to avoid bulk (below, left). There’s something about this retro design that I really love, but it’s pretty basic. It reminds me of 70s wallpaper.

Each leaf shape is made from double drunkard’s path blocks and a few rectangles, which offer up some interesting opportunities for playing with colour and design (below, right).

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #177-2    Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #177-3

Suddenly the leaf shapes aren’t so prominent, and those collections of rectangles take on their own identity. The next step was to modify those rectangles to become flying geese or half-square triangles, for something a little different.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #177-4

Funnily enough, though, this version looked a little familiar….

Before I post a design to the Sunday sketch series, I often search my Pinterest boards to make sure it’s not something that someone else has already created. In this case, I soon realised that my design – particular the last version shown here, with the ends of the leaves filled in – is quite similar to the Trellis quilt pattern from Heather Black (Quilt-achusetts). Heather’s pattern used different coloured fabrics to emphasise the double drunkard’s paths and the rectangles at the ends, and she added a (green) square inside the leaf shapes. She also arranged the blocks in a slightly different way, using negative space at the top left and bottom right of the quilt top.

In my design (particularly the first one, at the top of this page), I think the sashing and other spacing between the blocks gives the whole design a lighter feel. The consistent colouring also emphasises different features within the design.

Quilting’s all about joining shapes formed by arcs and lines, and there’s only so many ways you can combine circles and rectangles to create new designs. Similarities are inevitable, but I won’t post a design if I feel like it’s too close to something else out there. In this case, I feel like the differences outweigh the similarities. What do you think?