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Sunday sketch #247

Time for some new shapes this week.

Have you tried freezer paper piecing? It’s like foundation paper piecing, but instead of sewing on to paper templates, you press the fabric on to freezer paper templates to hold it in place, and you sew the seams without sewing through the paper. This means there’s no need to rip paper out at the end, and you can use the templates again and again. I first learned this technique from another member of the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild (hi MJ!) and then again from Tara Faughnan in a workshop (Tara has a few online classes teaching this technique, and a CreativeBug class too.)

Anyway, so I’m not a huge fan of foundation paper piecing, but I do occasionally use freezer paper piecing, and the more I do, the more I’m hooked. So I’ve been thinking more lately about freezer paper-piece-able designs. I love a New York beauty block (all those spikes!) so tried a double-layer spiky design.

You can start to see how I designed the block by looking at all the colouring variations….

It looks just as good in the reverse colourway, too.

Each block is made from four quarter-blocks, which can be rearranged in other ways, too.

And the design works in multiple colours, too. These primary colours really pack a punch!

This design would be most easily made using templates for foundation paper piecing or freezer paper piecing, plus some curved strips for in-between the spiky bits.

Sunday sketch #245

I used the same triangle-in-a-square block in the last two weeks’ designs, and here it is again. (Unlike the classic triangle-in-a-square block, the base of the triangle in this block doesn’t span the width of the square; it’s half as wide here.)

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #245-1

This shape is so versatile. I made scads of versions by rotating it, tiling it in different ways, reversing the colourway, and generally just playing around with it.

The above version started a bit like the one below (more or less), but I thought it would be fun to extend the lines up to the border of the page.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #245-2

The block works well in asymmetric as well as symmetric designs. This next one’s probably my favourite, to be honest. I might try making this one – maybe as a mini or at least a smaller quilt. And maybe even in this colourway – I really like this blue and black (well, dark grey) combo.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #245-3

As with Sunday sketches #243 and #244, this week’s designs would probably be easiest to make using paper-piecing to make the triangle-in-a-square blocks.

Quilt pattern: Diamond Days

I haven’t published a quilt pattern in ages, but I’m excited to show you Diamond Days, which is out today in Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine!

Geometriquilt: Diamond Days quilt pattern

Diamond Days is a paper-pieced pattern featuring a single block that’s rotated and repeated. The diamond shape features 6 facets, which means there’s lots of opportunity for featuring different colours and prints. I used a selection of 6 Kona Cotton Solids: Emerald, Cypress, Surf, Magenta, Dark Violet and Cerise. Definitely not my usual colour palette, but I really love it in this quilt! I also used Kona Cotton Solids in Silver for the background and Black for the diamond outlines.

Diamond Days was quilted by Valerie Cooper from Sweet Gum Quilting. She picked the perfect twinkly design to make the gems sparkle! I love Valerie’s work.

Unlike many of my quilt patterns, Diamond Days didn’t start out as a Sunday sketch. I submitted another design to the magazine, and then-editor Alice Hadley (no relation!) helped me tweak it. Here’s the resulting sketch, designed in Electric Quilt 8. Luckily the fabrics look much more vibrant in real life!

Geometriquilt: Diamond Days quilt design

If you’d like to make Diamond Days, you can find Love Patchwork & Quilting in newsagents and online. Issue 94 is on sale from today, 20 January. And no worries if you get the issue online; Love Patchwork & Quilting templates are always freely available on their website.

If you make this pattern, I’d love to see it. Tag me on Instagram (@geometriquilt) or send me an email!