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Sunday sketch #181

Another hand-drawn sketch this week, and a super-simple one at that.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #181

You can see from the scale of the background dots and my fill lines just how small this design was on the page of my Rhodia dot pad – only a few centimetres across! I love a good triangle, and I just started placing them on the page, following only one rule: each triangle I added had to touch an adjacent triangle, but only at a tip (no back-to-back edges allowed). I stopped when I was happy with the random arrangement.

Those of you who know how much I like symmetry and order can probably see that despite the ‘improv’ nature of this design, it’s still fairly well balanced in terms of positive vs negative space, and the number of shapes in each quadrant. Even when I’m not trying to be ‘ordered’, it happens 🙂

I like the idea of super-sizing this design to make a bed-sized quilt. Which would mean fairly large triangles, but that would also mean a fairly quick make – and what’s not to like about that?



Sunday sketch #18

Like Sunday sketches #11, #12, #15 and #16, this week’s design comprises a single motif repeated in a random pattern. I love the consistency and order of these designs (which probably says a lot about me).


The arrow motif itself appeals to me, but I also love the secondary patterns that emerge in the whitespace. I purposely avoided creating any small enclosed shapes, but it would be easy to bring out diamonds or squares. I think they’d draw the eye in though, whereas I prefer letting the eye wander across the design with no specific focal point.

This is my favourite repetitive design so far. I can only imagine paper-piecing it, which I’ve never done before, but I’m going to try. I think this one’s worth the effort.


Sunday sketch #17

You know how much I like repetitive patterns using a single shape. I like to see the diversity that can arise from rearranging the size and direction of one element. This week, the parallelogram.


Lots of interesting secondary shapes arise in such overlapping designs. Triangles, hexagons, more parallelograms.

I’ll keep playing with this idea. I think the top left corner is a little too busy. And I think translating this design into fabric would be a logistical nightmare.