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Sunday sketch #127

Like last week’s sketch, this week’s design combines horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, stretching from one side of the page to the other.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #127

The shapes are exactly the same as last week, just pointing in alternate directions. And I’ve tweaked the colours in Preview on the Mac, because I’m too cheap (and lazy!) to use Photoshop or Illustrator 🙂

This design could be made into a pattern using squares, triangles and rectangles. Lots of overlapping shapes present plenty of opportunities for colour play and transparency, too!

Sunday sketch #126

A few of my recent Sunday sketches (see #122, #123… and even #124) have traced a thin line from one side of the page to the opposite side. Finally, I pulled out my dot pad and gel pen, and tried hand-sketching some related designs.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #126-1

I think right-angled triangles – in other words, half-square triangles – are my favourite shape. I like all the movement in the above design, but I also wanted to see how these shapes would look in formation, all facing the same direction.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #126-2

I like it! Big arrows pointing down, or double-headed HSTs facing up.

I might try recreating these designs in EQ8 so I can add some colour. I think there could be some interesting opportunities for transparency, too.

These designs could be translated into quilt patterns using HSTs, squares and rectangles.

Sunday sketch #119

Last weekend, I went on a quilt retreat with a bunch of sewing friends – basically just a long weekend away, in a lovely location, doing more sewing that I’ve managed in ages. I got loads done, including sewing curves for the first time (yay!). They were much easier than I’d expected  – so much so that I cut and sewed an entire quilt top in around 2 days (the first top I’ve finished in quite a while!).

Anyway, that’s all just to explain why I’ve been playing with curves more in EQ8 this week. Now that I know I can tackle them in real life, I’m more inclined to use them in my designs. Here’s one of a series that I’ll share in the coming weeks….

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #119

I started playing with curves, and then the curves just cried out for arrow heads and long tails, which I knew would work well in groups of 4, like a pinwheel. Then I nested the pinwheels so that the arrow heads were facing one another. I love the movement in this design, not to mention the colours! It uses 3 different blocks, with squares, rectangles, flying geese (or half-square triangles, or even quarter-square triangles) and curves (drunkard’s path).