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Sunday sketch #224

Some more simple curves this week. I guess this is much the same design as last week’s Sunday sketch, only coloured very differently!

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch 224-1

Colour-blocking curves, made from four drunkard’s path units arranged into circles. There are lots of ways you can arrange the colour blocks. The design above is almost like a plaid; the design below uses the same lines but a different colour arrangement.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch 224-2

And, of course, you can play with the line placement as well.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch 224-3  Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch 224-4

Or pull some shapes to the foreground while pushing others to the background. In the next version of this design, I introduced white squares by colouring the curvy diamonds in yellow and grey.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch 224-5

And then played around with other background shapes, to emphasise different features. Now there are white corner curves, half-circles and even a full circle, all created by colouring their background shapes.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch 224-6

This design could be made into a quilt pattern using just drunkard’s path units. You could make nice large curves – 6″ drunkard’s path units would make 12″ circles, which would make a 48″ square quilt using this design. You could make it even bigger by adding blocks or by scaling up the curves (and the bigger they go, the easier they’d be to sew!). So much potential in such a simple design.

Sunday sketch #223

I came so close to ordering fabric to make this week’s Sunday sketch. Some designs I just fall in love with, and this is one of them.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #223-1

I found this design a few weeks ago when looking through old EQ8 files for inspiration. I’m not sure why I didn’t play around with it more at the time. I thought maybe I’d abandoned it because I worried it was too close to someone else’s work? So I scoured all my Pinterest boards, did a ton of searches online, and asked a few knowledgeable friends, but none of us could find this design out there. (If you have seen it before, please let me know!)

I love the bright confetti colourway, but I also love this seaglass-inspired colour palette too.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #223-2

I also tried rearranging the colours to make the design more symmetrical. Normally I start with symmetry and then veer off into asymmetry, so this approach was quite novel for me! And for once, I prefer the asymmetrical versions.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #223-3

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #223-4

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #223-5

I’m not ruling out making this design into a quilt, but I’ve put it on the back burner for now. In the meantime, I came up with another design that I’m more excited about. It’s always the way!

Sunday sketch #218

Back to some curves this week! With some half-square triangles to add a bit of zing.


I want to call this one ‘hairy squares’. It makes me think of those shaggy 70s throw rugs. Remember those?! Or maybe Chewbacca. Anyway….

As always, colour placement makes all the difference when it comes to pushing elements to the background or bringing them to the foreground.


Reversing the colourway and just using black and white introduces the 4 outer curves, which suddenly makes all the circles much more visible (to me, at least).


Flipping to a black background might make them clearer.


Or bringing in a third colour as a background. Now it’s just a stack of circles!


Depending on how you look at it, you might see the circles first or you might see the (hairy) squares. Or maybe the curvy diamonds? You could use a different colour to highlight those instead. Lots of potential for varying the look and feel of this design.

This design would be really easy to make into a quilt pattern. It’s all just drunkard’s path units, half-square triangles, and squares.