Sunday sketch #323

I’ve done a bunch of designs where the negative space and positive space use the exact same shapes (in recent months, Sunday sketches #276, #279, #286, #296, #315, #316….). I guess it’s like a two-colour tessellation?

I like the reverse colourway too.

I tried a different layout, taking advantage of the sharp angles of the half-rectangle triangles. I like the idea of two-tone quilts that start with one colour and end with another – I’ve used that effect a few times before, like with Sunday sketches #285 and #123 (which coincidentally use the same light pink and black colour palette).

I’m not sure this one really works; I’d prefer that those top-left and bottom-right diagonal lines extended to the quilt corners without that small vertical interruption. I could fix it… but it would take a bit of time in Electric Quilt 8, and I couldn’t be bothered 🙂

This design uses 3:1 half-rectangle triangles (which are 3 times longer than they are wide) and half-square triangles. Plus some borders. It’s not necessarily a design I’d make, but it gives me other ideas about shapes and arrangements. I figure it’s worth sharing these designs too, in case they give other people ideas or inspiration!