Sunday sketch #322

A forest of half-rectangle triangles this week.

In designs with repeated blocks or shapes, I often like to colour at least one element consistently across all blocks. It helps to reduce busy-ness in the design and gives the eye somewhere to rest. That explains the dark blue corners of the large HRTs in the design above.

Below, I’ve just gone with the same colour in each HRT. Because of the simplicity of the shapes and the limited palette, this version’s not too overwhelming (for me, at least!).

Different layouts can take advantage of the angle of the 2:1 HRT (which is twice as high as it is wide).

And, of course, there’s always the reverse colourway.

This week’s designs all use half-rectangle triangles (HRTs) and rectangles. Each large HRT is made up of three smaller HRTs (two with the main colour and background colour, and one with the main colour and corner colour). If I were making this, I’d probably change the colour palette and placement to give me an even number of large HRTs of each colour… then I could use the two-at-a-time method for the most efficient / least wasteful HRT construction.

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