Sunday sketch #316

I like playing with tessellations, and this week’s design is the first one I’ve posted in awhile. (Sunday sketches #296 and #297 were the last ones, I think?)

This design is based on a single block, repeated and alternately rotated.


If I colour the blocks slightly differently, you can see where the edges are.

The blocks can also be laid out on point, although I think I prefer the standard layout.

Rotating the blocks in a different way breaks up the tessellation but creates new and interesting secondary shapes.

Or they can all be arranged in the same way, but just coloured in an alternating grid to emphasise the shapes within each one.

As usual, I started with a minimal palette, but the design lends itself to a broader range of colours/fabrics.

This design could be made into a quilt using some pretty basic shapes: half-square triangles, half-rectangle triangles, and flying geese (if you want to save a few seams).

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