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Sunday sketch #329

The curvy pinwheels are still going strong… once again, they’re the main feature in this week’s Sunday sketch. But instead of diagonal lines, each block has two curved lines (moving in the same direction as the HSTs in Sunday sketch #327). So now we’ve got some tropical flowers!

Colouring adjacent blocks creates the flower shapes, with one of the two half-circles in each block contributing to the centre pinwheel. I find that colouring in the pinwheel itself helps to ‘anchor’ the four blocks together; leaving them all the same as the background colour gives a different feel, I think (although I still like it). All the dark pinwheels in this version keep my eye moving too much; it takes me too long to decide where to rest my gaze.

I also alternated the colouring to feature the flowers and then just the pinwheels. I could’ve maybe done a larger layout of this one to show off the design a bit better (and to get rid of that annoying thin line running along the right side and bottom of the image… that’s an artefact of exporting a PDF from Electric Quilt; it happens occasionally and it bugs me).

Anyway, this week’s design just needs curves โ€“ and lots of them. Large quarter-circles and smaller half-circles (which you could make using two smaller quarter-circles, or drunkard’s path units).

This design might work well with some large-scale floral prints? I am a big fan of kitschy floral prints, so maybe this is the design my secret stash has been waiting for??


Sunday sketch #328

The block in last week’s Sunday sketch featured two half-square triangles whose long faces (or hypotenuses, for all you math fans out there) faced each other. By swivelling each HST by 90 degrees, I created a diagonal line running across the whole block, which (when rotated) introduces new lines to the whole design. Here, I’ve coloured one side and left the other side as the background colour.

Here it is in a palette closer to last week’s.

Because the design ends up looking like alternating blocks that are set on point, it lends itself to two-colour palette. I like colouring the outermost units so that the minor feature (in this case, the curvy pinwheels) are highlighted and feel like they’re floating against the background; otherwise, the design feels a bit ‘blocked in’ to me.

I like how the horizontal and vertical lines in the curvy pinwheels suggest another (subtle) grid across the whole design that balances out the diagonal grid, while the curves keep everything feeling more gentle and less harsh. (Sometimes I wonder if any of the things I write make sense, but I reckon there must be other people who feel the same in reaction to shapes.)

This design reminds me a bit of Sunday sketch #215 (another favourite of mine) โ€“ a simple combination of curves and HSTs that creates a diagonal checkerboard effect. I wish there were enough hours in the day (and money in the bank) to make all the quilts!


ps. I messed up when drafting this post, and ended up publishing it immediately instead of scheduling it. Doh! So some readers will have been confused on Friday 23 September when they got the automated email. Consider yourselves lucky to have witnessed only the second scheduling mistake in over 6 years of Sunday sketches ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday sketch #327

I’ve been reusing many of the same elements in recent designs โ€“ I seem to be stuck on semi-circles at the moment (think Sunday sketches #314 and #317). Expect to see them for the next few weeks, as this week’s Sunday sketch led to a whole series of related designs. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s where it started:

So it should be fairly easy to see what the block is here – a sort of four-patch with two diagonally facing (‘kitty corner’ for you US folks) half-square triangles, and two diagonally facing semi-circles. Rotating the blocks creates nice curvy pinwheels alternating with quarter-square triangle units on point.

Rotating the blocks again can create an entirely new design โ€“ quite a wacky one, but I like it! My choice of colours here also helps create that transparency effect.

Taking away the half-square triangles changes the look once again. I don’t love either of these next two designs โ€“ I feel like the checkerboard background obscures the curves. But it’s always fun to play, even if the outcome isn’t what I expected.

Speaking of playing, I kept going with these shapes, so I’ll show you the iterations in the coming weeks.

This week’s designs could be made into quilts using half-square triangles and half-circles (or two drunkard’s path units or quarter-circles). It’s a block-based design with a limited palette, so lots of chain-piecing of similar units. I always say that! ๐Ÿ™‚