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Sunday sketch #355

This week’s sketch is the last in a series of related sketches that started with Sunday sketch #353 (although the first one really started with Sunday sketch #306).

I’ve replaced the horizontally bisected circles with diagonally divided ones. The angle of division isn’t the same as the angle of the tops and bottoms of the elongated diamond shapes (which are formed from half-rectangle triangles), so the resulting grid is diagonal rather than square.

Here it is in a bright palette.

As with the previous weeks’ designs, I think the choice of colour palette is important. I’ve chosen a mix of dark, medium and light values. The design is balanced enough that the placement of colours doesn’t seem to make a huge difference.

Here are 4 of the 5 possible colour combinations of that last version of the design (the only one that’s missing is the pink background with the red and white switched):

I think they all work quite well!

I thought last week’s sketch was my favourite, but the more I look at this one, the more I love it (and I loved it quite a lot to begin with haha). I’m not entirely sure how I’d make those diagonally bisected circles – I guess by making the circle and then just insetting it on the diagonal, making sure to get the points lined up exactly at 45 and 135 degrees in the surrounding square? Then it’d just be a case of chain-piecing a bunch of them. I absolutely love the repetitiveness of designs like this one – the thought of being able to cut out everything beforehand, batch-sew a bunch of similar units, then piece together multiple units of the same type makes me very happy 🙂 I know that would bore the hell out of a lot of quilters, but it’s my happy place.

This week’s sketches are the last in this series of related designs, so there’ll be something new next week. I can’t guarantee I won’t revisit this design in future though!

Sunday sketch #354

The similarities between this week’s sketch and last week’s should be clear; basically the only difference is that the elongated diamonds (and their internal circles) are now bisected horizontally. That change provides an opportunity to colour things a little differently and to introduce a bit more movement.

I’m using a palette I’ve used before, but I think it works well here. Dark blue, hot orange, a peachy pink, with white. I think this colourway works with this design because it has a good range of values: dark, medium-dark, medium-light, and light.

Here’s the first version with the white and peach swapped:

Like last week’s sketch, there’s downward movement (the lines created by the tops and bottoms of the elongated diamond shapes), upward movement (created by adjacent blocks stepping up across the page), horizontal movement (as your eye tracks across the lines bisecting the circles), and vertical movement (ascending/descending each column).

There are lots of different layout and colouring options. In this next version, I’ve only coloured half of each diamond, with the other half taking the background colour. All the same movement is there, with an added meander from circle to circle: up, down, up, down, across the page.

This is such a fun design, and I feel like it’s quite different from last week’s design despite the small tweak.

This week’s design could be made using half-rectangle triangles and half-circles (which might be a smidge easier to make than whole inset circles).

The right colour choice would make all the difference, particularly with the overall movement; choosing different colours could make certain elements stand out more (or less). It would take a bit of experimentation to get it right, I think.



Sunday sketch #341

This week’s sketch might look like a 4 x 4 grid, but it’s actually 8 x 8 (with a border). Each block is a 4-patch made up of one square, two half-square triangles, a half-circle and a rectangle. Tile and rotate the blocks, and the diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines start joining up to make new shapes. And so much movement!

Alter the block rotation, and those diagonal black squares shift up and over. I love how such a simple design can have so much going on.

The diagonal black squares are kinda empty, so let’s fill them with something. More curves seems apt.

Or maybe curves without so much colour. That’s better.

Another thing I often try with block-based designs is setting the layout on point – basically a layout where the square blocks are all rotated by 45 degrees. I really love this variation – all the elements and movement are still there, but with slightly fewer blocks (13 instead of 16), it just feels a little lighter I think.

We can fill those inner circles back in…

…or leave the squares empty.

I love so many things about this sketch. The back and forth, scribble-like movement of the curves across the whole design; the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines that emerge to create secondary shapes; the symmetry and simplicity… it just ticks alll the boxes for me. It’s the kind of design where I think ‘OMG THIS IS THE BEST DESIGN I’VE EVER DONE!’ hahaha, so I’ll be interested to see what other people think 🙂

This one’s definitely going on my list of things to (possibly) make in 2023.