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Sunday sketch #64

I went through a bit of a diamond phase a few months back, and every so often I dip back into diamonds to keep exploring this new shape (well, new to me).

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #64

I’ll probably refine this sketch further, as it actually has a mistake in the bottom right (chevrons pointing right instead of left). Although it may look like a random design, there is (or is supposed to be) an underlying structure! You know I can’t do spontaneity without a plan 🙂



Sunday sketch #50

I’m still following the theme of overlapping diamonds – this time a little simpler.


Diamonds making diamonds – starting with one size, ending with three.

This would be a great design for playing with transparency (check out my Pinterest board for some great examples of other quilts doing this.)

Normally I’d give suggestions on how such a design might be translated into a quilt pattern, but this one looks a little tricky. Paper piecing might make the most sense… otherwise I think there’d be lots of fabric pieces of different size to fit together. And/or some partial seams.

Sunday sketch #49

I go through phases where I sketch a single shape over and over again. Triangles, squares and rectangles, octagons, diamonds… I get stuck on a theme and see where it takes me. Invariably, it takes me to the same place: overlapping.


Overlap diamonds and you get more diamonds. Overlap them, and… well, you get the picture. Lots of lots of diamonds. I use graded cross-hatching to show the level of overlap (as on the sides in this sketch), or just to differentiate shapes (as in the middle).

To make this sketch into a quilt, I’d probably piece diamond units into (diagonal) strips before piecing the strips together.

I don’t know why, but I seem to see a sketch more clearly when I take a photo and look at that instead. When I finished this sketch, I didn’t notice that the small diamonds on the bottom left right are missing their median cross-hatch, but it was the first thing I saw in the photo. Hmm.