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Sunday sketch #79

I thought I was done with ribbon shapes for awhile, but they seem to have cropped up again. This design is a bit like Sunday sketch #74 – lines emanating from the corners of a square to focus on the centre – but with alternating colours.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #79


I started this sketch after thinking about half-square triangles, but sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to translate designs like this one into quilt patterns by creating long strips of alternating colours (dark red and light red, or light red and white), then sub-cutting them at a 45° angle to get strips of those elongated diamond shapes.

Sunday sketch #64

I went through a bit of a diamond phase a few months back, and every so often I dip back into diamonds to keep exploring this new shape (well, new to me).

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #64

I’ll probably refine this sketch further, as it actually has a mistake in the bottom right (chevrons pointing right instead of left). Although it may look like a random design, there is (or is supposed to be) an underlying structure! You know I can’t do spontaneity without a plan 🙂



Sunday sketch #50

I’m still following the theme of overlapping diamonds – this time a little simpler.


Diamonds making diamonds – starting with one size, ending with three.

This would be a great design for playing with transparency (check out my Pinterest board for some great examples of other quilts doing this.)

Normally I’d give suggestions on how such a design might be translated into a quilt pattern, but this one looks a little tricky. Paper piecing might make the most sense… otherwise I think there’d be lots of fabric pieces of different size to fit together. And/or some partial seams.