Sunday sketch #266

Lots of edges, angles and pointy bits this week. (And acid yellow again!)

Here’s the reverse colourway.

Rotating alternate blocks gives a different look again. Still edgy and pointy, but with some larger chunks of colour to rest your eye on.

And rotating again produces quite a different design again. It’s still the same block (and still in a 5 x 5 layout), but it looks like a smaller shape repeated over and over again.

All these designs could be made into a quilts using squares, rectangles and half-square triangles.




  1. Christy

    I like this. And I don’t think HST would be necessary if one used “flippy corners” on rectangles.


    • geometriquilt

      True! I never know how people feel about flippy corners, since it creates a bit of waste (or a lot of small triangles!). But that approach would also save a ton of seams, which would be nice.