Sunday sketch #267

I’m in a very triangle-y mood lately.

This is a single block that’s repeated, rotated and flipped. The block has two half-square triangles (of the same size) and two half-rectangle triangles (one big, one small). My only rule when arranging the blocks was that a tip of a triangle in one block had to touch the tip of a triangle in the adjacent blocks. Well, there was maybe one more rule: I tried to avoid adjacent blocks being in the same orientation, although I can see a few in there.

I actually started with the reverse colourway, but the white background felt a bit too stark for me.

The blocks can also be arranged a bit more regularly/orderly – although not all the layouts are nice to look at. I quite like this one though, with the central stars.

This design could be made into a quilt pattern using half-square triangles and half-rectangle triangles, and some oddly shaped rectangles of background fabric. There are no partial seams necessary though, so once all the individual units were made, the blocks would come together pretty quickly.