Sunday sketch #111

I’ll get back to hand-drawing soon, but in the meantime…

This design is similar to Sunday sketch #100, which also combined horizontal, vertical and diagonal strips. In that design, the horizontal and vertical strips in each block touched the adjacent blocks, and the overlap between the strips created sawtooth stars.

In this design, the horizontal and vertical strips create crosses, the diagonal strips create Xs, and the blocks are separated by thin spaces. I also tweaked the sizing so that the strips making up the crosses and Xs are a more similar width.

I really like the potential for colour play with this design! I’m drawn to designs that use a limited palette, because I struggle so much to use colour well. So 2 or 3 colours suits me perfectly. Especially in such a simple yet striking design!

In the first version, the Xs overlay the crosses:

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #111-1

In the second version, the crosses overlay the Xs.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #111-2

These designs could be made into quilt patterns quite easily using strips (rectangles) and triangles. I love the idea of making a reversible quilt with the two different versions on the front and back (but I’m not so in love with the idea of lining them up perfectly for quilting…!).



  1. Cat

    Dear Caroline; My comment isn’t in reference to this post, but to your Sunday sketch #18 from October 2016. Lemme cut to the chase: I came across your sketch of simple arrows going in all directions and it took my breath away. Never have I leapt from my computer to my sewing machine so quickly (with brief stops between to draft a paper piecing pattern, and to cut from my full set of Kona charm squares). It was only afterward that I wondered: was I inspired, or am I stealing? I still am not 100% sure, and am more than willing to hear from you on the matter. I’m now putting the blocks together and am certain the result will be gorgeous — 154 unique-colored arrows, floating in a sea of white — and will credit you and your site in any and all references to the quilt.


    • geometriquilt

      Hi Cat, thanks for your comment/question! First off, I’m totally chuffed that you had such a positive reaction to Sunday sketch #18. That’s what this is all about! In answer to your question… I guess it depends on what you do with the inspiration. If you copy SS18 completely — using the same layout, the exact same arrows pointing in the exact same directions — then that would be stealing my idea. But if you take the idea of an ‘arrow in a square’ unit and tile it yourself… well, I’d consider that more ‘inspiration’ in this case. I didn’t invent the unit — surely someone out there has come up with the exact same shape before me — and I didn’t invent tiling either! That’s what quilters have done forever. I agree that it’s hard to know in these cases though (I have a bit more about my thought process on the ‘Sunday sketches’ and ‘Licensing’ pages of my website), and so I really appreciate your openness and willingness to question your own approach. If/when your quilt is finished, I would LOVE to see the end result, and I’d feel very grateful and humbled to be credited for any inspiration. Thanks so much for reaching out!