Sunday sketch #112

During the week, as part of my day job, I had the opportunity to visit Lyons Architecture in Melbourne. As I waited in reception, I had a good look at their little 3D model* of the RMIT University building that’s on the corner of Swanston and La Trobe. If you’re in Melbourne, you probably know it, but have you really looked at it?

I thought I had, but as I inspected the model more closely, I noticed shapes I’d never seen before. Lots of zig-zags and straight lines mixed together to create some cool openings in the facade. Lot of inspiration for quilt designing (after my meeting, of course!).

I co-opted one of these elongated shapes, flipped it on its end, and added a few more using the same style.


Then I messed around with the colour balance in Preview on my Mac, because the original pic that I took of my sketch had way too many blue undertones…. and I liked the dots in my dot pad coming up in that fiery red 🙂

This design could be made into a quilt pattern easily using half-square triangles, squares and rectangles. I wouldn’t translate it into a pattern without first asking Lyons for their permission, given how similar the design is to their original work.


* I would LOVE to have the job of making those 3D models!


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