Sunday sketch #57

I’ve mentioned before that I tend to explore a lot of regular, methodical and systematic variations on a theme before branching out into ‘improv’ or disordered versions of the same idea. It’s just how my brain works: I feel more comfortable tackling things in a structured way before exploring the unstructured. It’s almost like I need to establish the rules before I can decide how to break them.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #57

So, more windows this week, but peering into an array of angled lines of varying thickness. As with most of my ‘improv’-like sketches, I didn’t think this one through too much — just started shading from the top left, deciding what worked best in each rectangle depending on its closest neighbours. Taking it one rectangle at a time helps to keep the whole design balanced in terms of the direction of the angles, the thickness of the stripes, and the amount of shading.

All the angles are 45 degrees (there’s only so much disorder I can handle at once!), so the construction would be fairly simple (following the same general procedure as Sunday sketches #54 and #55). This design would work well with multiple fabrics, and with scraps too.


  1. Carol

    I could see trying this starting with strip piecing – alternating colors or a solid with prints – varying the strip widths and moving the rectangle, cutting at 45 degrees. Just a thought.

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