Sunday sketch #39

I’m still exploring layered triangles, this time with a pop of colour.


When looking through any series of designs from one of my sketching sessions, I can fairly easily see the progression in my approach, from the more routine and regular to the slightly less conventional (at least, for me). In this series, I started with the red triangles all sitting on a single horizontal line across the middle of the page, then tried them in a diagonal position instead. Note that the angled edges of the triangles still all line up though – there’s only so much irregularly I can handle!


The design at the top of this post has rotational symmetry around the centre: flip it around 180 degrees and it looks the same. The second design (above) looks quite different when you flip it upside-down (below):

I drew it with the red arrows facing up, but I think I might prefer it with them facing down. Of course, if you made this into a quilt, you could just turn it around depending on your mood.

Like the other triangle designs, these could be made from half-square triangles (and, optionally, flying geese) and rectangles, with sashing.

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