Sunday sketch #38

Often when I sit down with a dot pad and start sketching, one design quickly leads to another. After sketching last week‘s triangle design, I came up with this one. It re-uses some of the elements of #37 but removes some of the busy-ness and replaces it with long solid parallelograms.


I actually came up with a symmetrical design first, with the vertical separation of those Toblerone-like bars following a diagonal path. I still like this one too, although it’s a little more regular and conventional than the previous design.


Like last week’s design, this one could be made using half-square triangles and rectangles, with sashing in between. I like the idea of picking sets of 3 colours and mixing them per ‘bar’ – two for the interior layers (alternating) and one for the side and end. Maybe I’ll just have to make this design into a quilt to show you what I mean.



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