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Sunday sketch #275

Perhaps I stared too long at a clock this week, but I suddenly had an idea for a block featuring a circle cut in half and half again. (Or maybe I was inspired by last week’s split quarter-square triangle block.)

I imagined using some bright colours in the design, but instead settled on this dark green with an orange. I love the bright pop of colour against the murky background.

You can see if I rotate the circles, new secondary designs (squares) appear.

Or I can rotate the designs to create ’empty’ squares where the filled squares were.

Or just rotate randomly to create a bit of disorder. (Although if you look closely, you’ll see there is order here: the first and third rows are the same, as are the second and fourth rows. This makes each quadrant of 4 circles the same, too.)

This is just a single block in a 4 x 4 layout, surrounded by a wide border on all sides. It could be created in four quadrants, or perhaps one semicircle and two quadrants. There are lots more ways you can rotate the blocks, or use colour to create secondary designs. Endless fun!

Sunday sketch #274

This week’s design isn’t overly original, but I enjoyed playing with this concept and felt like sharing it.

I’ve played with these split quarter-square triangles and split quarter-rectangle triangles before – see Sunday sketches #166 and #188, for example (two of my favourite sketches!). I really love these shapes and how they create movement in a design.

I also love how your eye is drawn to different sets of lines, depending on colour palette and placement. In the top design, I look at those diagonal lines first, but in the bottom one, my eye’s drawn to the vertical lines instead.

Split quarter-square triangles are easy to make – just cross a half-square triangle with a solid square. Ditto for the split quarter-rectangle triangles, although I must admit I’ve never actually made one. I’d probably paper-piece them instead, just to be more precise (and save all the fabric wastage I often seem to get when I make HRTs two at a time).


Sunday sketch #273

This week’s design is a few steps further on from Sunday sketch #272 – you can probably see the same wedge shapes around the outside of each block, but the inside is now a cross shape that connects some of the wedges on opposite sides.

In the first version, I’ve used 2 colours + white in each block, against a dark blue background.

I used sashing to separate the blocks, but here’s the same design without sashing. It’s pretty energetic; probably a bit too energetic for me.

I find that using a common colour for the centre crosses helps to reduce the chaos a bit.

Or you can dial back the number of colours. Here I’ve used 2 shades of the same colour in each block. It instantly feels a bit calmer (the cool palette probably helps too).

Or even 2 shades of one colour across the whole design – again with the white centre crosses and the dark background and sashing.

It even works as a two-colour design – with the blocks in either an alternating colourway…

…or the same colourway.

(Doesn’t it feel like one of those folded paper cutouts? I wonder if you could recreate this design with a single sheet of paper and a pair of scissors….)

Like last week’s designs, this one would probably require paper-piecing (foundation or freezer paper) to get the wedges just right. The centre square of each block could be pieced normally (with some strips and squares), but the wedgy sides and corners would benefit from some paper-piecing and/or templates.