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Quilt pattern: Loophole

I’m really excited to introduce my latest quilt pattern, Loophole, which is in issue 55 of Love Patchwork & Quilting.

'Loophole' by Geometriquilt (Caroline Hadley)


This quilt pattern is based on Sunday sketch #36, and I used a bunch of coordinating blue fabrics from several Art Gallery Fabrics ranges to make a scrappy version. I’d never used Art Gallery Fabrics before, but I definitely will again – they were so soft and had a lovely drape.

Love Patchwork & Quilting always features such great styling and photography, and I’m thrilled to see how good they made my quilt look. And… I’m even more thrilled to see the sneak peak of Loophole on the cover!!


Issue 55 goes on sale in the UK on 6 December.




Quilt pattern: Interstellar

My second quilt pattern has just been published in issue 179 of Down Under Quilts! Even though I submitted my first two patterns to different magazines a few months apart, they ended up coming out within a week of each other.

Interstellar was inspired by Sunday sketch #23, which featured strips and squares cascading down the page.

16-20 Interstellar pdf_Page_1

Translating a design into a pattern isn’t always easy. I don’t usually think about how each Sunday sketch could be made as a quilt until after I’ve finished the design – sometimes the construction ends up being fairly simple, while other times it’s more complicated or even too difficult to contemplate.

As I thought about how to make this design into a pattern, I realised that following my sketch faithfully would require too many partial seams and fabric pieces of different sizes. I’m sure there are many advanced quilters out there who’d relish the challenge, but I’m not one of them. So instead, I refined the design to minimise the number of fabric pieces and make the piecing a bit simpler. It might still look complicated, but the pattern actually comes together really quickly and easily.

Depending on the colour scheme and gradation, it could be a waterfall (blues and whites), a comet tail (bright whites on a dark background), a burst of fireworks (saturated colours against a night sky) or even unicorn barf (a rainbow of bright colours against a light background):


Interstellar is perfect for solids or patterned fabrics, and an ideal way to use up some of your scraps. Issue 179 of Down Under Quilts is on sale now!

DUQ179 cover


Quilt pattern: Wildwood

[Update 25 Jan 2018: Wildwood will soon be available as a PDF pattern. If you’d like to know when it’s released, sign up to the blog or follow me on Instagram!]

When I started my Sunday sketch series, I always figured I’d eventually develop one or more of the sketches into quilt patterns. But it’s much easier to post a sketch every week, trawl Instagram to see what everyone else is making, and spend ages daydreaming about quilts than it is to put yourself out there with a pattern of your own. It wasn’t until my quilty friend Alyce encouraged me to submit Sunday sketch #9 to a quilt magazine that I replaced all that thinking with some actual doing.

Fast-forward ~6 months, and the design has now been transformed into Wildwood, a quilt pattern published in issue 48 of Love Patchwork & Quilting.

Caroline Hadley

I am a huge fan of Love Patchwork & Quilting‘s vibrant style, contemporary quilts and magazine design (my day job is in editing and publishing, so I care about layout and formatting!), so I’m beyond chuffed to be a part of the latest issue.

LPQ 48

Issue 48 went on sale in the UK on 24 May, which is my dad’s birthday. He died before I started my quilt-making journey, so he never got to see any of my designs or quilts. I like to think that the timing of this issue was his way of saying that he’s celebrating with me 🙂