Sunday sketch #107

I think this is the first time that I’ve featured curves in my Sunday sketches. And it only took 107 weeks…!

I mentioned last week that there are a few things that Electric Quilt 8 is particular good at. There’s one more: curves! I can’t do curves with a pen and paper… at least, not very well. But they’re a cinch with EQ8.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #107

This is one of several curvy designs that I’ve created recently. They all tend to use the double drunkard’s path block, which I really like. I want to try making one of them soon, but did I mention that I’ve only sewn one (single) drunkard’s path block in my whole quilting career…? It wasn’t pretty. I’ll need a lot of practice if I want to get better. Luckily I bought a 7″ template from Papper, Sax, Sten, which should help!