Sunday sketch #292

By cutting a slim wedge out of each hexagon in last week’s main shape (which itself was based on the shapes in Sunday sketches #289 and #290), I created a kinda butterfly/flowery type of shape this week.

The lines of the wedges create some interesting vertical and horizontal lines across the entire design. Everything else about the block is the same as last week, so it can be tiled and rotated.

There’s a lot going on in this design, so you might prefer a minimal palette.

Or you could use colour in a more intentional way across the whole design. Here, I’ve followed the diagonal lines inside the hexagons to colour each ascending row in a different hue.

This week’s designs could be made into quilts using the same approach as last week. The only difference is that the middle half-rectangle triangle (which introduces the diagonal line that bisects each hexagon) has one half in the background colour, making it look like a wedge has been cut out.