Sunday sketch #291

The basic shape in this week’s designs is based on the main shapes in Sunday sketches #289 and #290. I filled out those two connecting shapes, making them each a wonky hexagon. Tiling and rotating the blocks creates a bunch of new designs. I added a bit of visual interest by bisecting each hexagon on an angle, allowing me to use a different colour in each half.

The hexagon is such an old-school quilting shape. It’s fun to inject a bit of modernity into it.

I’ve used my usual happy/warm palette with these designs, but of course you could use any palette (or prints!) you like.

This week’s design could be made into actual quilts using half-square triangles, half-rectangle triangles, and a few rectangles. It’s block based (each of the designs shown here is a 6 x 6 layout), so you could make a bunch of blocks then piece them together.

I think these designs could work well as scrappy quilts, too. Using fabrics with different saturations on each side of the hexagons would highlight the secondary shapes created by those bisecting lines (like the diamonds in the two versions shown above).

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