Sunday sketch #290

You might notice the resemblance between this week’s designs and last week’s.

This week’s designs use the shape I showed last week but didn’t use then. Here’s a reminder…

Multiples of this shape can be connected by just their tips, once again creating ascending rows of loop-like structures. But unlike last week’s design, this week’s has only elongated diamonds as the secondary shapes. Colouring them (in white, below) helps to see them more clearly, and ties the three rows together.

You can also differentiate different parts of the loops using colour to suggest the presence of foreground and background shapes…

…or fill in the spaces between the shapes to create a whole new shape – in this case, crosses.

Like the designs from the past two weeks, this week’s Sunday sketch could be made into an actual quilt using half-square triangles and squares. They’re not designs that can be easily broken down into discrete blocks, so you’d be better off making a ton of HSTs and just laying them out in rows and columns, then sewing them together.



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