Sunday sketch #152

In Sunday sketch #147, I came up with the idea of a bunch of lines converging to create an arrow shape. I didn’t explore it further at the time, because I veered off into other design territory instead. But since then, I’ve revisited that idea in a number of other designs. Here’s one.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #152

When I drew this design, I felt like it might have been similar to one I’d done before… but then realised that I was thinking of Sunday sketch #74 – which also has thin strips coming from four directions to meet in the middle, but is otherwise fairly different.

If I were to tweak this design further (and I still might…), I’d remove that empty space in the middle, where the arrows meet.

This kind of design might suit bias tape appliqué, or just piecing lots of skinny strips. I know that my sewing skills aren’t up to either of those approaches just yet, but perhaps one day!


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