Sunday sketch #153

When I get a particular design idea in my head, I almost always create a repetitive, consistent version first before branching out with more improv variations. It’s like I need to follow the rules before breaking them. This week’s design is no exception: after using the same V-shaped series of lines in Sunday sketches #147 and #152, I tried a more random approach.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #153

Like last week’s design, this one would require a bit of skill either piecing very skinny strips or appliquéing strips nice and straight (neither of which I’d be very good at!).

I could continue this design theme by extending the lines in either direction, angling them again to create another arrow, moving the arrows closer together or further apart, or staggering the beginning/ends of the lines, so they don’t all have the same length. Lots of possibilities!