Sunday sketch #147

Another idea that I jotted down while in Japan was a fairly simple sketch of straight lines coming together to create new shapes.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #147

This is my first attempt; I didn’t play around with any more iterations because I got sidetracked by new ideas. But I think it could be interesting to make this design a little wider, with a bit more negative space at the bottom. And maybe even to position the central arrow motif slightly off centre, which would allow me to get those two top bars to point exactly into those top two corners (only one of which does so now).

Someone asked me on Instagram lately how I feel about asymmetry 🙂  I know I tend towards symmetrical designs, although sometimes a second or third iteration of a symmetrical design will introduce asymmetry. I work best with order, rules and regularity… but I’m trying to bust out some chaos when I can 🙂

This design would probably be easiest to make with long strips. It could be made using a loghouse cabin approach, I think, with some strips combining both the foreground and background colours.



  1. Linda H.

    I truly love this design. As a non-designer, it’s difficult to imagine that I wouldn’t be pleased to come up with a design like this, or that I might feel the need to make changes to it. It’s perfect as is! So if it was my own, I’d be telling myself, “I’m making it!” Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

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    • geometriquilt

      Thank you, Linda! I usually get excited about most of my designs and daydream about making them… then get sidetracked by a new design, and the cycle continues 🙂 With this one, I knew there’d be some other interesting, related designs, if only I could stop long enough to sketch them…but I ended up working on something else at the time. I have revisited it since, though, and I will probably post those related sketches sometime in the next month or so! (Unless something more interesting emerges in the meantime!)


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