Sunday sketch #12

Last week I wrote about using single units in an ordered or random arrangement. It’s amazing how many designs you can get out of one shape. Last week it was a triangle; this week it’s a kite. I always seem to start with the random arrangement first.


Within each 2-by-2 square on my Rhodia pad, the sharp end of the kite can point in any one of 4 directions: north-east, north-west, south-east or south-west. That creates a lot of potential combinations for this simple repeating shape. Some pretty interesting secondary patterns can emerge as well – can you see those wide-headed, narrow-tailed arrows in the middle design below?


The third design, above, reminds me of the sawtooth leaves of some Banksia species.

Even more possibilities…


I’m tempted to design some kind of sampler quilt with rows or blocks of these different repetitive patterns. The kite unit could be made in a number of ways; I’d probably opt for paper piecing for precision.



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