Sunday sketch #11

A common theme to my designs is the repetition of simple shapes. Here, an isosceles triangle lying at an angle within a square.


The design could be coloured to reveal the alternating bow-ties or each group of 4 triangles arranged in a square formation (which are easiest to spot in the top left or bottom right of the frame).

The same shape arranged randomly produces a completely different effect.


I’m not sure which one I prefer! I’m a big fan of regularity and consistency, but I also like the ‘ordered chaos’ that arises when a single unit is arranged in unexpected ways.

Each unit could be constructed from an isosceles triangle, 2 half-rectangle triangles (for the sides) and a half-square triangle (for the base). But in the interests of precision (second only to my love of consistency), I think I’d go for paper piecing.



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