Sunday sketch #72

I haven’t had any long sketching sessions lately, so I’ve been digging through my files to find older ‘sketches’ that I feel like exploring further. In Sunday sketch #12, I looked at several different ways of arranging the kite-in-a-square unit to create new designs.


Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #72

I wrote (over a year ago now!) that one of the sketches reminded me of the sawtooth, serrated leaves of Banksia species. One minor tweak – shifting each column ever so slightly – aligns them by their kite tips, retaining that serrated look but also creating some interesting secondary shapes. I love the columns that emerge, which you can see more clearly when some of the ‘leaves’ are left unshaded:

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #72-2

I love the bold and jagged nature of this design. I’m very tempted to make this into a simple pattern. It’s only kite-in-a-square units, and each one could be made using foundation paper piecing or a Bloc Loc ruler for accuracy.