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Sunday sketch #32

Back when I was playing with parallelograms, I tried expanding on the design by making wedges.


I don’t think I’m done exploring this idea; it’s not quite there yet. (This sketch just reminds me of that 1990s self-help book, Who Moved My Cheese?)


Sunday sketch #24

In this party season, a little storm of confetti (or maybe snow, for those in the northern hemisphere)…


Each parallelogram is in a 3 x 2 unit, which is offset from the next unit by a 2 x 1 rectangle. The parallelograms could be constructed by flanking a 3 x 2 rectangle with two 3 x 1 triangles (paper-piecing for accuracy, perhaps). Or, pair two 3:1 half-rectangle triangles back to back, which introduces new colour/fabric possibilities to the design:


The good news is, Bloc Loc makes a 3:1 half-rectangle triangle ruler – in two sizes!


(Not an affiliate link… I just love the precision that Bloc Locs enable!)


Sunday sketch #17

You know how much I like repetitive patterns using a single shape. I like to see the diversity that can arise from rearranging the size and direction of one element. This week, the parallelogram.


Lots of interesting secondary shapes arise in such overlapping designs. Triangles, hexagons, more parallelograms.

I’ll keep playing with this idea. I think the top left corner is a little too busy. And I think translating this design into fabric would be a logistical nightmare.