Sunday sketch #200

Ta da! I always wondered what big post I’d plan for #200, but now that it’s here, I just want to get on with another sketch*. Shall we?

I mentioned last week that I’d created a bunch of designs from a single block – the double-triangle parallelogram-in-a-rectangle block (for lack of a better name). Well, here’s another one.

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #200

This time, the blocks are arranged horizontally instead of vertically, and they use 4 colours instead of just 3. The top left of each block is always dark blue, and the bottom right is always grey; the middles change between yellow and white depending on location – creating diagonal strips of all-white or all-yellow triangles.

And playing around with colour placement can produce a very different design, with fatter diagonal stripes that emerge as secondary shapes:

Geometriquilt: Sunday sketch #200-2

Like last week, these designs would be easiest to make into quilts using paper piecing.

* Seriously though, thanks for following along with me as I share my design ideas. It’s a huge source of creativity, fun and inspiration for me, and I’m chuffed that others enjoy it too. Here’s to the next 200!


  1. JB

    Love love love love love love love your designs and discussions about them. Congratulations on this milestone, and thank you very much for sharing them. Maze tov!


  2. Christie M

    I love your designs, so innovative! I found your site by a quilt seen on Pinterest that I am trying to track down the pattern, it’s an older one “wildwood” it states in that post that you were going to have it available by pdf, do you still have it? My sister is not a crazed quilter like my mother and myself but she loves that pattern and I would like to make it for her. Thank you for your designs I look forward to seeing them.