Sunday sketch #337

I don’t have too many designs up my sleeve at the moment, and when I sat down recently to draw something new, I ended up rehashing an old sketch.

This week’s design is a reworking of Sunday sketch #318, which I posted in July. I introduced some curves, which actually make the whole design simpler to construct as a quilt.

The shapes kinda remind me of Christmas crackers too: long rectangles (or cyclinders) capped by triangles at both ends.

Like the original sketch, this one illustrates the Bezold effect – an optical illusion where a colour (in this case, orange) looks slightly different depending on which colours are next to it. I didn’t know there was a name for this until Carolina Oneto mentioned it in a comment on my Instagram post for Sunday sketch #324 (obviously it’s an effect I use a fair bit!).

Anyway, this sketch could be made into a quilt using flying geese, half circles (or quarter-circles or drunkard’s paths units) and squares. I think it’d be much easier to make than the original sketch on which it’s based!