Sunday sketch #335

More Excel designs this week. I wish I’d used a different colour in these designs – this blue feels too cold to me – but I’m too lazy to change it. (There’s probably a quick way to do a replace-all of coloured cells in Excel, but I’m too lazy to find it!)

I like this offset cross that appears in the centre of the design as a result of a series of corners lining up diagonally in all four quadrants. I guess the four quadrants of the design could be made using large log cabin blocks. The strips can be extended to the edge of the design too…

…or angled round more corners to create discrete rectangles. Now there are four more crosses in addition to the centre one.

There are other ways to play with that central cross. If you look closely at the next design, you can see that it’s a series of closed loops of varying length, connected to one another in pairs (apart from the four smaller rectangles floating at the far corners).

Or it can be simplified further – again retaining that central offset cross.

Like last week’s sketch, this week’s designs could be made into a quilt using long strips. I’d find it easiest to make up templates, and maybe even to use paper-piecing to get the strips sewn nice and straight.

Doing one of the simpler designs as a super-sized quilt would look great, I think. I’ll add it to my list… 🙂