Quilt pattern: Paperdrop

I’m excited to announce the release of Paperdrop, a quilt pattern that I developed in partnership with Latifah Saafir for the launch of her new HuRTy ruler.

A multicoloured quilt hangs against a pink wall. The quilt features half-rectangle triangles in 6 different colours against a black background.

Latifah approached me awhile ago to see if I’d be interested in designing a quilt pattern for her new ruler. Umm, YEAH! Latifah’s quilts are some of the first modern quilts I ever saw, and were a revelation to me – I had no idea there were fabrics or designs out there like that. Her work was instrumental to me choosing to pursue modern quilting. So of course I jumped at the chance to work with her.

The HuRTy 1 (there are two more in the pipeline!) makes 2:1 and 6:1 half-rectangle triangles up to 12″ high. So we got to work coming up with ideas – lots and lots of ideas – for quilts featuring 2:1 HRTs (probably the size most people are familiar with). But we kept coming back to an old Sunday sketch of mine from 2017: Sunday sketch #31.

A black and white hand-drawn sketch on paper, featuring half-rectangle triangles descending in ribbons down the page.

I never made this one, because I wasn’t entirely sure how to construct it (as it’s shown in the sketch, it would require a lot of partial seams). Also, although I’ve designed quite a few sketches with HRTs, I don’t often make quilts with HRTs. I’d use the two-at-a-time construction method and get annoyed at how much fabric I’d be trimming off. But I couldn’t make large HRTs with the one-at-a-time method, because the ruler I’d co-opted for the task (the side piece from a triangle-in-a-square ruler) wasn’t big enough. The whole process was too annoying.

Paperdrop is a great design for using the HuRTy, because it requires ‘A’ and ‘B’ HRTs – in other words, HRTs facing both directions. The HuRTy is designed specifically for cutting and trimming both directions of HRT (and even for trimming off the little corner bits so you can line up your triangles for piecing). Suddenly making HRTs isn’t annoying anymore!

The Paperdrop quilt pattern is available from Latifah’s website, along with the HuRTy and two other HRT-based quilt patterns. There’s a lookbook with different versions of all the quilts, FAQs with more info on The HuRTy, videos on how to use the ruler, and more. And during launch week, there are some awesome discounts!

My version of Paperdrop uses all Kona cotton solids and was quilted by Valerie Cooper of Sweet Gum Quilting.

Head over to Latifah’s website now for Paperdrop pattern and The HuRTy ruler!



  1. Chris

    Isn’t the construction still going to require a lot of partial seams? Or Y seams? Or something not easy?


  2. Chris

    Nevermind. Now I see all the extra seams. It could have been done with a Tri Recs ruler or a Lazy Angle ruler and had far fewer seams. However, that is a very clever design on your part! I’m just not a gadget girl and hate to buy another ruler. I’d rather buy fabric or patterns.

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    • geometriquilt

      There are definitely other rulers you can use to make HRTs, although I could never find a Tri-Recs one big enough to do large HRTs (definitely not 6” x 12”). And they only make 2:1 HRTs whereas the HuRTy makes 6:1 HRTs too. I find it really useful but I can understand people not wanting another ruler😁