Sunday sketch #31

Back to my Moleskine notebook this week, and a regular repeating pattern.


I don’t use my Moleskine squared notebook much anymore for quilt sketching; I prefer the smoother, whiter paper of the Rhodia dot pad. Still, I started this sketch on the Moleskin ages ago, so I decided to finish it there too.

I like the idea of making this with blues that cascade from light to dark down the quilt, almost like a rolling ocean wave. Despite the regularity in the design, there’s a lot of movement there.

Making this quilt design as shown could be a nightmare of partial seams (unless you like that sort of thing!). Instead, you could make each half-rectangle triangle from two smaller rectangles and two smaller half-rectangle triangles (divide each 2×4 unit horizontally and vertically to get four 1×2 units, and you’ll see what I mean). If the quilt were made in solids (and these days, it’s how I picture most of my quilts), you’d never really notice the extra seams.