Sunday sketch #327

I’ve been reusing many of the same elements in recent designs – I seem to be stuck on semi-circles at the moment (think Sunday sketches #314 and #317). Expect to see them for the next few weeks, as this week’s Sunday sketch led to a whole series of related designs. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s where it started:

So it should be fairly easy to see what the block is here – a sort of four-patch with two diagonally facing (‘kitty corner’ for you US folks) half-square triangles, and two diagonally facing semi-circles. Rotating the blocks creates nice curvy pinwheels alternating with quarter-square triangle units on point.

Rotating the blocks again can create an entirely new design – quite a wacky one, but I like it! My choice of colours here also helps create that transparency effect.

Taking away the half-square triangles changes the look once again. I don’t love either of these next two designs – I feel like the checkerboard background obscures the curves. But it’s always fun to play, even if the outcome isn’t what I expected.

Speaking of playing, I kept going with these shapes, so I’ll show you the iterations in the coming weeks.

This week’s designs could be made into quilts using half-square triangles and half-circles (or two drunkard’s path units or quarter-circles). It’s a block-based design with a limited palette, so lots of chain-piecing of similar units. I always say that! 🙂


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