Sunday sketch #293

I go through phases of playing with particular shapes, and this week it’s quarter-circles. I’d also call these drunkard’s path blocks, although I think sometimes people don’t use those terms interchangeably. Anyway…

This design actually started with a single block on repeat. Lots of stacked bowls!

Because this design is block-based, I can create loads of variations just by rotating the blocks – by 90 degrees with respect to their neighbours (as shown below left) or by 180 degrees (below right).

I can also delete bits of the blocks for a more improv-y look.

Or, going back to the first version, I can flip the alternating blocks upside down to create a bit more movement. I see little happy faces!

There’d be lots of different colouring options here too.

These designs are all quarter-circles or drunkard’s path blocks. I’ve never made those units smaller than about 4″ finished, I don’t think – I’d struggle to manipulate smaller pieces through my machine and get a nice, even, curved seam. So this probably won’t be a design I’ll make anytime soon. Still, it’s fun to play!


  1. kelquiltz

    😮👏👏👏 this is AWESOME!!!! Tripping my triggers AGAIN!! Thanks for always getting my creative juices working again Caroline!!

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