Sunday sketch #294

A fun little sketch ahead of Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

This week’s designs are inspired by the felt garlands from Erica Bea that I keep seeing on my Instagram feed. They’re so cute! If you haven’t checked out @hello.erikabea, go now – her feed is the best combination of crafty goodness, gorgeous design, pies (!) and all-round, excellent-human activity. (As it turns out, today is Erika’s birthday, so send her some love if you can. You could even buy a garland or two to celebrate – win win!)

So anyway, I wanted the letters to look like they’re hanging from the garland too. I’m not sure if it worked, really… but I still like it enough to post it, haha! These colours remind me of those chalky heart-shaped candies with the messages on them.

Here’s a version with just hearts and no letters. It’s cute too!

And one with a few hearts taken out, so you can see more of the garland. If I was going to make this one, I’d probably rearrange the hearts a little, just to balance them out a bit more and to avoid that column of hearts down the left and the long diagonal string of hearts in the bottom left. This was my first attempt!

These designs are pretty simple, as I’m sure you can tell – they’re just big and small squares, set on point. Easy peasy!