Sunday sketch #277

This week’s design is a direct evolution of last week’s, although it might not be so obvious when you first look. I’ll walk you through it.

It’s wedges again, but this time, they’re arranged to give an almost woven effect. This first version is like two pieces of fabric, red on the left and white on the right, woven together in the middle.

And because I know a few readers like asymmetry, here it is again in portrait orientation, slightly off-centre 🙂

If I colour the columns of wedges in different colours, you can see more clearly how they interact. Notice in the design on the left, the ‘arms’ within each column of wedges span the width of that column, crossing over the centre spine. But in the design on the right, I’ve staggered the arms. Each one just meets the centre spine instead of crossing over it. Just a minor tweak – in this case, flipping a block of wedges – gives a whole new look.

Now can you see how I evolved the zippers from last week’s design into the woven look in this week’s design?

Here it is in another colourway – a bit like Fanfold. This palette is one of my favourites at the moment.

So, like last week’s design’s, this week’s are all wedges. You could make these designs into quilts using long columns of wedges. The fact that these wedges have borders makes things a little trickier for paper-piecing; I can’t see any way to paper-piece them without adding a seam somewhere awkward. Traditional piecing might actually be better, although you’d need templates for cutting out the wedge shapes. If I had more time and sewing space, this is the sort of thing I’d love to test out, just to satisfy my curiosity!


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