Sunday sketch #262

More simple stripes this week. I haven’t finished exploring this idea, but I thought I’d post my progress thus far.

I like those shapes that emerge from between the hash blocks (hopefully that phrase doesn’t flag my blog as dodgy haha) – they’re like ghost circles or squares. Here’s the reverse colourway.

I started this with a different palette, and then expanded it a bit.


And even introduced some blocks in a reverse colourway.


It feels a bit busy when the blocks contain both dark and light stripes; the design is a bit more coherent when the stripes in the coloured blocks are all dark.

I think there’s more potential with this design; it doesn’t feel quite ‘there’ yet for me. I can’t really describe what I’m looking for, but I’ll know it when I see it!



  1. Kate

    I much prefer the reverse colour ways but without the solid squares of colour. Lots of options for letting some of those wells/ hashtags disappear….but that’s me. Minimal feels better Thanks for sharing


    • geometriquilt

      I don’t love the solid squares of colour either. I think I need to try offsetting the hashtag blocks so at least some lines flow from one block to the next, but not all. I’ll keep playing…!


  2. Amanda

    My Sunday morning smile ☺️ I just love your creativity. My favourite quilt is the 4th one with the introduction of a third colour. #brilliant


    • geometriquilt

      Thank you! I want to keep playing with the 3 colours to try and relieve the ‘busyness’ – it’s a bit too much for me at the moment but I feel like there must be a solution in there somewhere… 🙂


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