Sunday sketch #88

Last week I started playing around with nine-patches, and this week’s design is an extension of that theme.


The corner squares of each nine-patch are half-square triangles, which means you can squeeze adjacent nine-patches right up against each other. Just using two colours against a background colour (white, in this case) almost brings those crosses to the foreground!

This is a super-simple design that uses only squares, half-square triangles and a few rectangles for sashing. It’s block-based, so would be really quick and easy to make.

(ps. Can you tell that I bought Electric Quilt 8? I’m slowly getting to grips with it. I don’t find it very intuitive, so I haven’t made huge progress yet. Having said that, every time I sit down to practice with it, I seem to create at least one design that I’m happy with!)

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